The Cabinet of Ministers, The Ministry of Electricity and Renewable  Energy, The Ministry of Military Production,
The Ministry of Housing Utilities and Urban Communities, The Ministry of Local Development and The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trading


Electricx founder’s opening remarks

Amr Shawki, CEO, Egytec Engineering; Chairman, Arab Power & Energy Association


Chairman’s opening remarks

Dr. Mohamed Salah Elsobki Jr., Professor Energy Planning, Cairo University; Former Executive Chairman, NREA


Modernising Egypt’s electricity network

H.E. Dr. Mohamed Shaker, Minister of Electricity & Renewable Energy, Egypt


Managing electricity projects efficiently

H.E. General Mohamed El Assar, Minister of Military Production, Egypt.


1:30PM - BREAK


How distributed & embedded energy systems will affect Egypt’s power system

Dr. Ahmed Badr, Executive Director, Regional Center for Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency (RCREEE)



Building Capacity: What to expect in 2018, based on current trends and time frames

Dr. Eng. Mohamed Mostafa El-Khayat, Executive Chairman, New & Renewable Energy Authority (NREA)


Seeking cooperation among Arab nations

Khalid Hosny, Head of Cooperation Mechanisms Division – Energy Department, League of Arab States


North African capacity building: Tunisia with traditional and renewable energy sources

Moncef Harrabi, CEO, Tunisia Company of Electricity & Gas (STEG)


3:30PM - End of The Egypt Power Agenda - Day 1


Chairman’s opening remarks

Prof Adel Khalil, Professor in Mechanical Power Department, Cairo University


Building Capacity: What to expect in 2018, based on current trends and time frames

What total capacity was added in 2017 and what is anticipated in 2018? How with the Egyptian government continue to attract foreign capital, and how will wind projects play into future renewables building capacity plans? Is there a preference for wind versus solar, and are there ways to make financial closure of these projects easier going forward?  

Dr. Eng. Mohamed Mostafa El-Khayat, Executive Chairman, New & Renewable Energy Authority (NREA)


Building Capacity: Investing in Egypt’s renewables future

Elsewedy Electric’s investments and dedication to creating an Egyptian power future have encouraged global players to participate and partner in the market. The resultant localization of knowledge, know-how, engineering, expertise and fabrication are all being integrated to build the capable human capital that delivers the largest combined cycle power plant worldwide in record time, in parallel to building the industrial base that delivers tier-one products diversified from cables and transformers to meters and wind tower.

Wael Hamdy Daoud, Vice President, Elsewedy Electric


Building Capacity: Leading the support now for long-term growth

ABB is upgrading its local production lines, to better meet Egypt’s requirements in the next three years. ABB estimates that will net the firm almost $200 million in new business. Hear where ABB’s focus lies in the coming years, and what the longer perspective may hold for Northern Africa.

Medhat Fayek, Sr Vice President, ABB


Building Capacity: Realising Egypt’s promise with renewables promise of renewables

How Egypt’s photovoltaic market is making strategic gains with greater transparency, via measurements across solar’s entire value chain. Here is how to build a culture towards certification and EHS (environment, health & safety) metrics to create a mature renewables marketplace in North Africa.

Santi Pares, Business Development Director for Renewable Energy EMEA, Underwriters Laboratories (UL)


Building Capacity Panel: What will it take to create a smart North African electricity market?

What would a smart North African electricity market look like, what stakeholders would be key to a smart power plan, and how far off is this concept for Egypt and its neighbours?

Santi Pares, Business Development Director for Renewable Energy EMEA, Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
Alfredo Parres, Group Sr Vice President, ABB
Wael Hamdy Daoud, Vice President, Elsewedy Electric

2:20PM - BREAK


Finance: Making solar energy pay, without the utilities

Peer-to-peer solar energy trading has reached North African markets, where it is making solar entrepreneurs out of former utility clients, and enabling the interconnection of larger loads. Learn what platforms are required, why blockchain and other financial schemes play a part, and why this is a model that is here to stay

Kevin Robinson, Technical Services Manager, Jinko Solar MEA


Finance Panel: Financing Egypt’s New Capacity: Creating bankable projects in Egypt and forecasting opportunities

Egypt has recently attracted substantial foreign direct investment. How are these funds being used presently, and is there more where that came from? Or are further investment laws or other measure required to fund Egyptian projects past 2020? What should project leads expect, going forward, from their financiers?

Harry Boyd-Carpenter, Director & Head of Power & Energy, EBRD
Stephanie Lanfranchi, Country Director - Egypt, AFD
Kevin Robinson, Technical Services Manager, Jinko Solar MEA

3:40PM - BREAK


Renewables: Business opportunities for wind energy in North Africa

Wind energy has soared in Morocco & South Africa, leaving Egypt far behind. What makes now a better time for wind, and who are the stakeholders who can guarantee this market meets its full potential in Egypt? 

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Galal Osman, Vice President, World Wind Energy Association (WWEA)
Eng. Hatem Romy, Chairman, Triple M Construction Co.
Other panelists to be announced


Renewables: Egypt-based research in solar cell technologies and local applications

Innovation is key to the evolvement of photovoltaic systems, and researching PV cells in the climate in which they are used is often key for reaching lab-based results. NRIAG is doing just that. Hear about the research that Dr. Ghitas hopes will move the industry forward and improve both returns on investment and cell efficiency rates.

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ghitas, Head of PV Research, National Research Institute of Astronomy & Geophysics (NRIAG)