• 5 companies win tender to supply 250,000 smart electricity metres Five companies won a tender to supply 250,000 smart electricity metres—out of seven companies that submitted their bids to the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy.
  • Egypt moves from electricity deficit to sufficiency The opening of three ma­jor power plants in March was the latest in Egypt's efforts to end its electric­ity shortage crisis. "Huge work is being done in this country to end the problem," said Gamal al-Qaluibi, a power engi­neering professor at Cairo Universi­ty.
  • Arab companies are seeking to invest in Egypt's energy sector The Emirati Safwan Petroleum Technologies company allocated 2m initial investments for the Egyptian market. Magdy Aziz, the company's general manager, said they agreed with Tanmeya Investment Company on conducting tests on its oil wells, with equipment arriving from India in about two months.

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