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Low Voltage Electrical Panels with Protection grade up to IP65 & Incoming rate 6300 AProduct categories (MCC – Power Factor Correction – ATS – MDB – Synchronization)

Product Specifications

Medium Voltage Instrument Transformers up to 72.5 kV for Indoor & Outdoor applicationsLow Voltage Instrument Transformers up to 1.2 kVDry Type Power Transformers up to 40.5 kV & 25 MVASIS Cast Resin Insulated Bus Bar Systems up to 40.5 kV & 6,500 A

Product Specifications

Providing wide range of power factor controllers, power quality analysers, power meters, data loggers, power monitoring devices for distribution automation, industrial automation and energy management systems

Product Specifications

SEW, Electric motor, Gearbox and Inverters

VOITH, Hydraulic Coupling constant and variable speed

Our activity sale and maintenance

Suhner, Automation drilling tapping

Product Specifications


Maximum of 3 MPPT for versatile adaption to different module types or quantities built up with different alignments

Up to 6 strings intelligent monitoring and fault detection

4GLTE and USB ports for connectivity and data management

Local graphic LCD and remote monitoring


Maximum efficiency 98.7%, European efficiency 98.4%

Saving AC cable investment up to 20% without N-Line


Noise ≤ 30dB, Class-B electromagnetic radiation

RCD protection function


No need of external fan with natural cooling technology

Outdoor application of IP65

Product Specifications

Solar inverters range: Single-phase and three-phase string inverters (2,5 to 40 kVA), Three-phase central inverters (300 to 3.500 kVA), Complete turnkey MV power stations (customizable and fully equipped up to 3.500 kVA), Fully integrated SCADA and PV plant control systems, Stand-alone systems and micro-grids, Single-phase and three-phase hybrid inverters (50 to 250 kVA), Energy management solutions, Self-consumption solutions, Battery inverters, Diesel-PV solutions, Micro Wind inverters.

Product Specifications

PARU Trackers produce the maximum efficiency of the solar PV regardless of the weather or temperature condition. 

Single-Axis Tracker

Dual-Axis Tracker

Key features

Real Time Sensing

Lowest & Optimized Production Cost

Fast and Easier Installation

Adaptable to all types of terrain

Product Specifications

AL khoory fire pumps- a product manufactured by Aikah Pump Assembly LLC, UAE is the leading manufacturer in the region established since 1985 .Build to the rigid standards of NFPA 20,Al khoory fire pumps are Listed by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) are currently under process of Factory Mutual (FM) Approval.

Key features:

Fully complaint with NFPA 20 standards

Listed by Under writers Laboratory (UL)

Suitable to be used with electric motor and diesel engine drives

Applicable For Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Marine Use

Available in a broad range of operating pressures and flows from a minimum of 300 US GPM to 1500 USGPM

Product Specifications

HitekNOFAL offers both indoor/ outdoor single & multi-mode FO cables, In addition to a complete range of FO accessories, internal/ external cable management, installation tools and test equipment.


High Performance system

High quality components

Cost effective deployment

25 years warranty

Product Specifications

Height adjustable carrying system

Extremely durable harness material

Service friendly, low maintenance

Wide variety of system configurations and accessories