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The Egypt POWER Agenda 2016

4 December 2016

11:00 Electricx & Solar-Tec Exhibitions Open

Opening Remarks

Eng. Amr Shawki, Chairman, Arab Power & Energy Association; Founder, Electricx

12:30 Building Capacity
Egypt is modernizing, expanding, and building dozens of electricity plants. And not far behind the gas, combined gas & steam, diesel, thermal, wind, and solar plants of today may be additional plants powered by waste to energy, nuclear or coal. How will these plants become part of the larger digital electricity picture, and without standards, how can they be assured that their technologies will communicate efficiently with those of other plants?

H.E. Dr. Mohamed Shaker, Minister of Electricity & Renewable Energy, Egypt

Renewables and the Grid
Challenges to linking solar energy to smart grids include the loss of power during transition, an inability to store energy efficiently, and the need to measure and forecast energy output accurately. Ideally, smart grids working with distributed generation would allow fewer new power plants to be built, as the energy at all of these sources could be managed to create almost a “virtual power plant,” but does the movement toward renewable energy mean this must take longer to accomplish?

Eng. Lamya Youssef Abdel Hakim, Sector Head of Private Projects, Egyptian Electricity Transmission Co.


Renewables Integration
Technologies are emerging to make the addition of solar and wind power much easier. Hear what is available today, as well as what is in the pipeline that has the ability to make renewables and traditional energy compatible with a single smart grid system. What are the tradeoffs and how long will it take for these technologies to be used widely?
Dr. Fahd Hasiesh, Head of Power Consulting, ABB

13:45      Introducing Smart Meters
What is the progress on Egypt’s $7.6 billion smart meter rollout? It is said to include 4 million smart meters annually, plus a 10-year transition plan for 30 million existing customers. What will it take to meet this 10-year target, what operational considerations should be taken into account, and how can this be done as smoothly as possible? What are the risks of a poorly executed plan? As the starting block of the digital electricity age, what are the capabilities and flexibility of these meters for future market digitization?

Yousry Atlm, Director Business Development, Huawei Technologies
14:15      Progress & Challenges in Egypt
What is really required to rid Egypt of blackouts? Will digital be the answer to all of Egypt’s troubles, or will it slow down an already slow process of building capacity? Where are the best business opportunities and what market forecasts are too rosy, or not positive enough?

Reham Aman, Sales Director, Petrokima
Eng. Baseem Youssef, Chairman, ElMaco
14:45 Substation Automation
The smart energy ecosystem must include substations, to assure the maximum reliability in a wide variety of operating conditions. Learn how intelligent electronic devices can be used for everything from simple applications to the integration with SCADA or DCS. The end result is seamless and scalable data-based systems with fault diagnostics and remove monitoring capabilities. Substation integration is vital to the health of Egypt’s emerging smart energy systems.

Mohamed Helmi, Sales Manager - EM DG Pro, Siemens
15:15 Digital Power Plants
Creating predictive power plant maintedance, by the inclusion of sensors at every power touch point. A description of how to choose what is best for your plant, differences required for retrofits versus new build plants, and lessons learned from digital power plants GE has worked on in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Dr. Lana AlChaar, General Manager - Customer Services - Power Digital Services, GE
15:45    Close of The Egypt Power Agenda
19:00     Close of Electricx & Solar-Tec Exhibitions for Day One

For more information, please contact jaan.vanvalkenburgh@informa.com

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THE Egypt SOLAR Agenda

Solar for water applications
5 December 2016

Solar can play a key role in solving Egypt’s many water shortage issues, vital to the country’s development. Without solutions, many of its plans for the Western Desert and for a bustling tourist market, for example, will be cut short. Solutions can be costly to operate and harm the environments they support. Solar firms are stepping up, though, and government agencies are taking notice.

11:00 Solar-Tec & Electricx Exhibitions Open
12:30 Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Hadi Tahboub, President, MESIA (Middle East Solar Industry Association)
12:40 Welcome Remarks

HE Dr. Hussein El-Atfy, Secretary General, Arab Water Council; Former Minister of Water Resources & Irrigation, Egypt
13:00 Urgent Water Issues Egypt’s pressing energy concerns on Egypt’s new cities and the potential for solar to assist with water management and grey water.

Dr. Hend Farouh, Executive Director, Central Unit for Sustainable Cities & Renewable Energy, New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA), Egypt
Turning the (sun)light on tourism
13:20 Powering Tourism with Solar Egypt’s economy relied on tourists for 11-20% of its GDP in the last 10 years, but the trade can be harsh on the environment. Hear what the Minsitry of Tourism plans for solar applications throughout the tourist trade and how to get a piece of the action.

Dr. Emad Hassan, Energy Advisor to the Minister, Ministry of Tourism, Egypt
13:45 Solar Desalination At summertime, the North Coast’s population grows exponentially with national and international visitors, but the coast often runs out of potable water for them. Learn what solar desalination in the North might look like. How can productivity and stablity challenges be overcome?

Dr. Raed Bkayrat, Technical Director, Clean Energy Business Council; VP Business Development ME, First Solar
14:15 Solar Regulations There are several regulatory questions that arise when you discuss the creation of new water options on the Northern Coast. For example, what kind of guarantees should the market expect from various legal desalination frameworks?

Eng. Hatem Waheed, President, Mediterranean Energy Regulators; Executive Chairman, Egyptian Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency
14:45 Break
Western Desert promise
15:30 Solar Deep Well Pumps Egyptians will move into the arid, 1.5 million acres west of the Nile, if the government has anything to say about it. The most precious commodity is that held in its aquifers, but tapping those takes a tremendous amount of energy. Hear what solar-powered deep well pumps are capable of, and what it will take to get them widely used.

Ahmed Zahran, CEO, Karm Solar
16:00 Solar Irrigation Systems Expanding solar-energy use in agriculture in Near East and North African region: Challenges and opportunities

Dr. Fawzi Karajeh, Senior Water Resources & Irrigation Officer, Food & Agricultre Organization (FAO), United Nations
16:30 Solar Irrigation Systems Creating a fertile desert sounds like an oxymoron, but it might be more cost effective than importing so much food. Hear how scientists hope to use solar-powered irrigation systems that, eventually, could be much cheaper than other options.

Dr. Toufic Hawat, Renewable Energy Division Manager, ADC Energy Systems
17:00 Solar Water Purification The water pumped up or strategically moved across farms is only useful once it is of a certain quality. Learn how solar can help purify water, for multiple purposes, under a range of stressful conditions.

Claudio Palmieri, CEO, CLS Energy Consultants
17:30 Solar Panel Creativity Understanding the breadth of ways that solar panels can be used for water applications in arid areas and areas with inconsistent water demands

Gulnara Abdullina, General ManagerAfrica & Middle East, Jinko Solar
18:00 Close of The Egypt Solar Agenda

Hadi Tahboub, President, MESIA (Middle East Solar Industry Association)
19:00 Close of Solar-Tec & Electricx Exhibitions for Day Two

For more information, please contact jaan.vanvalkenburgh@informa.com

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Solar-Tec Workshops

6 December 2016

12:30 - 14:00 Introduction to Utility-Connected Solar Electric System Design
The workshop starts with an understanding of various components, system architectures and applications for solar electric (PV) systems. We will focus on utility-connected PV systems, the largest and fastest growing segment of the PV industry. However, the workshop covers material critical to understanding all types of PV systems. Topics of discussion include site analysis, system sizing, array configuration & performance estimation in addition to electrical design characteristics such as module and inverter specifications.
Workshop Leader: Kristopher Sutton, Instructor, Solar Energy International

15:30 – 17:00 PV System Operations and Maintenance
O&M is one of the fastest growing segments of the PV industry and for good reasons: preventive maintenance is much less expensive than reactive maintenance; it helps maximize system uptime and availability; it is essential to maintain equipment warranties; and prevent potential problems. Whether you are a system owner or maintenance technician, in this course you will learn how to insure predictable Return On Investment, PV system longevity, and peak productivity.
Workshop Leader: Kristopher Sutton, Instructor, Solar Energy International.

Click here to register to attend one or both workshops

About your workshop leader:
Kristopher “Kris” Sutton has worked full-time in the PV industry since 1999. Kris was a NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer. He regularly teaches technical trainings on the design, installation of photovoltaic systems, both commercial and residential, with a heavy emphasis on safety. He has been employed as an installer, and project manager. He also owned his own solar consulting business, at which he worked through all phased of the PV design and installation process with utilities, architects, engineers, general contractors, building departments, and homeowners. Kris serves as Solar Energy International’s Instructor-Trainer and helps develop curriculum.

Solar Energy International (SEI) was founded in 1991 as a non-profit educational organization. Through the years, trends and technologies come and go but SEI’s mission remains the same today as it was when we began: To empower people around the world through the education of sustainable practices.

As we approach out third decade, what inspires us the most is the knowledge that we’re helping to make a difference. Renewable energy resources of solar, wind and water can improve the quality of life and promote sustainable development throughout the world. Renewable energy systems are practical, reliable, cost-effective, and healthier for people and the environment.

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